Curing Kids Cancer Through Collaboration



The Nicholas Conor Institute and its TACTiC Initiative partners provide a highly integrated platform to:
  • Research the causes of cancers with specific focus on discovering cancer-specific therapeutic and diagnostic targets
  • Discover, validate and develop markers that will guide the physician to select individualized therapies
  • Develop a molecular profiling platform to monitor cancer and patient physiology allowing rational guidance of therapies
  • Monitor the efficacy and toxicity of therapies in childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer patients

AltheaDx is bringing theranostics into clinical use. Our labs are located in a 20,000 sq. ft. building in San Diego, California, with service operations for biopharma customers in compliance with GLP and CLIA requirements. The company has several key patents and technology affiliations with a variety of industry and academic institutions, including: NIH, NCI, UCSD, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, MD Anderson, and Memorial Sloan Kettering. We have a track record of reducing the time, risk, and cost of drug development by providing biomarker discovery and development to biopharma clients and clinical testing services to physicians.
Our proprietary gene expression profiles include quantitative assays for diagnosis of pediatric cancers, specifically Small Round Blue Cell Tumors that are often difficult to differentiate.  Our goal is to fully validate these tests through industry collaborations and to make them widely available for diagnosis and treatment of these rare diseases.

We see great opportunity in working with TNCI to bring both awareness and resources for further development and validation of quantitative diagnostic tests. Through collaboration, AltheaDx will identify key partners and critical resources to enable utility of appropriate tests for diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancers.  AltheaDx’ commitment to diagnostics excellence combined with TNCI’s focus will ultimately help in translation of clinically useful information for physicians and patients alike.

 AltheaDx has been working with the NIH on diagnostic tests for childhood cancers for over three years. This effort has resulted in published data and notice of approval from many in the industry, including the Children’s Oncology Group.  However, the test is still not broadly available.  We believe that TNCI’s commitment and awareness campaign will help deliver the much needed resources and clinical samples that are required to launch this test nationally.

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