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Why I Volunteer for
The Nicholas Conor Institute . . . 

“If I was diagnosed with cancer I would like to believe I would roll-up my sleeves and get ready.  If my mom was diagnosed with cancer I would guess God decided her time was up.  If my wife or a sibling was diagnosed with cancer I would try to support and be of service to them in all manners.  I can’t imagine one of my kids being diagnosed with cancer.  I can’t even go there.  So I’m glad to help.”
– Curt Becker, Founder and CEO of New Dimension Performance

"I awoke one day with the realization of what was lacking in my life and my soul; I had not left my mark on the world, I had done nothing to help mankind.  My self evaluation led me to conclude that what was missing in my life was the need to do something that would benefit the world and not me. After reading about The Nicholas Conor Institute, their mission statement, and their business model, I knew this is what I wanted to do.  I felt this was something that would work and would help children all around the world that were suffering from the outdated treatments for cancer.
I contacted Dr. Beth Anne Baber of The Nicholas Conor Institute expressing my desire to help the institute's cause in any way I could.  I did not care if it was licking stamps or making phone calls; I just wanted to help and be part of something as wonderful and noble as this. Luckily my help was gladly received and I feel very fortunate to be part of this great cause."
–Michael Nauss, Former Qualcomm electrical engineer
and ex-military 
U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class

Your Time Can Make a Difference

With your kind help, The Nicholas Conor Institute will be able to develop cures for children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer.  Your generous contribution of time will make a world of difference.  You have thought about making a difference- now you can.  Fill out the form below and help us find cures.

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Sure, you have considered helping a charitable organization but concluded that your income excludes you from making a contribution to a great cause.  Your heart is in the right place but your wallet is thin, and in these economic times that is understandable. Your time may be more valuable than any dollar that you might send.  The Nicholas Conor institute needs volunteers like you to donate their time.

Do you live or work near San Diego, California? If so, The Nicholas Conor Institute is always on the lookout for office assistance and many other positions! We have several volunteer opportunities that include preparing mailings, filing, calling volunteers throughout the country, and more! There may also be opportunities based on your area of expertise –
to find out!

      "My vocation is business, but my avocation is pediatric health issues. Before moving to the San Diego area, I assisted  a good friend who was head of Pediatric Respiratory and Pulmonary disease at the University Medical Center at the University of Arizona in the co-founding of the The Steele Memorial Children's Research Center in Tucson, Arizona. I served on that board for 11 years, including a term as president. Shortly after arriving in San Diego, a friend introduced me to Beth Anne Baber. A few minutes of conversation was all it took to get me excited and enthused about the work she and some colleagues were doing. I became particularly interested because of their focus on pediatric oncology, and the objective of that focus which is an alternative to the adult method of treatment and cure.
My four children, five grandchildren, and three great grandchildren are blessed with good health. But I have had sibling experience with adult cancer so I know how devastating it can be, and I realize the negative effects that same treatment can have on a child. The work The Nicholas Conor Institute is doing, and the similar efforts of others must be supported. Children deserve the to have the best chance for long term  survival, and that can only happen if the right treatments are discovered and administered. I intend to do whatever I can to assist the brilliant members of the The Nicholas Conor Institute board and their collaborators to achieve their objectives."
-Mort Freedman
Member of Board of Directors
The Nicholas Conor Institute

3525 Del Mar Heights Road, #946
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