Curing Kids Cancer Through Collaboration



  • ACCELERATE biomedical discoveries into personalized treatment programs for children, adolescents and young adults with cancer
  • DEVELOP cancer-specific predictive tests to guide cancer therapy
  • DEPLOY to the clinic innovative diagnostic tools and therapies for children, adolescents and young adults with cancer

The Nicholas Conor Institute operates a business model called TACTiC™, an acronym for The Accelerator of Cancer Treatments in Children (including adolescents and young adults). The Institute manages a partnership of companies and a portfolio of translation initiatives. Each company partner possesses highly skilled scientific, clinical and business personnel, infrastructure, facilities and vital data.

Using TACTiC™, we can
  • Deploy best in class organizations based on project need
  • Develop partnerships among research organizations, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies, and clinical institutions
  • Manage a portfolio of research and discovery projects
  • Manage a broad database of scientific results for use in broader collaborations in both the academic and commercial sectors
  • Develop licensing and acquisition agreements for commercialization of outbound products

as we  . . . 

  • Deploy medical solutions to the clinic where neither venture, corporate, nor government dollars are readily available
  • Dedicate our efforts exclusively on childhood, adolescents and young adult cancers whereby these patients, due to their personal genomic profiles and rapid states of growth, respond to treatments differently than do older adults
  • Focus our executive management upon acceleration and placement of discoveries into medical centers worldwide
  • Invest in the actual project work and discoveries
  • Provide our discoveries, our tumor bank data, and our cancer commons to larger cancer patient populations that stand to benefit from our discoveries
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        "Childhood cancers are often pointed to as an early success of cancer treatment.  We recognize that many childhood cancers can be treated very effectively with current therapies.  However, therapies that introduce chemical poisons affect both cancer and normal cells.  The success of these treatments often do not last for the life of the child.  In fact, they can cause many problems  that affect the child’s future physical and mental health.
      We must do better, for these children are our future! Too little research has gone into studying childhood cancers, as they are not that common; that is, until your child happens to be diagnosed with one! 
       The Nicholas Conor Institute will help to correct this by solely focusing on these diseases to devise better methods of diagnosis and prognosis, and to develop new, more effective and more selective therapies."                                                  
-Geoffrey M. Wahl, Ph.D.
Past President,
American Association for Cancer Research
Professor, The Salk Institute
Advisory Board Member, The Nicholas Conor Institute

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