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The Nicholas Conor Institute
Board of Directors

Elizabeth (Beth) Keene Alton - Chair
Beth is the founder and  the President of Keene Solutions, a firm that provides outsourced human resource support, management coaching, training and advises non-profit clients on board governance issues. Beth spent nearly 20 years in the non-profit, bio-research sector with the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, CA. Her most recent role was that of Vice President, Human Resources.  She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Postdoctoral Association, as the Chair of Board Development, has served on the board of the San Diego Biotechnology Employment Development Coalition and on the San Diego Employers Association Advisory Council. 

      "I am proud to serve as the Chair for the Nicholas Conor Institute for many reasons. The Nicholas Conor Institute is one of the only institutions in the world devoted exclusively to pediatric cancer research and the development of safe, personalized, and effective treatments for children affected by various types of cancer. The Nicholas Conor Institute’s approach will ensure that youngsters affected by cancer grow up to lead healthy productive lives, free of the side-effects that result from the current treatment regime of using adult therapies on children. 
       I am confident that The Nicholas Conor Institute’s unique business model,  which is reliant on collaboration and synergy with other research organizations will lead to a more efficient use of research dollars and ultimately the development of better therapies which will get to our children much quicker than the traditional research model."
-Beth Keene Alton 
Beth Anne Baber, Ph.D., M.B.A - Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Beth Anne has more than 20 years of academic experience in molecular biology, neurobiology and physiology, cell biology, developmental biology, cancer biology, and signal transduction. Her current research focuses on the understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in DNA damage repair following treatment with radiation and chemotherapeutic agents. Her work in DNA damage signaling has led to publications in major scientific journals, including Nature and Science. The National Institute of Health, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Beckman Laser Institute funded her research initiatives at the Salk Institute. Beth Anne received her Ph.D. in Macromolecular Cellular Structure and Chemistry from The Scripps Research Institute. She is the 2007 DLA Piper-Athena FlexMBA Scholarship recipient and received her M.B.A. from the University of California-San Diego Rady School of Management in August 2009.

Martin Latterich, Ph.D. - Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Martin has more than fifteen years of industrial and academic experience in pharmacogenomics, proteomics, and the biochemistry of proteins and small molecules. His research and teaching focus on understanding the molecular basis of individualized drug response, an area essential for the development of a personalized medicine approach. Prior to joining Beth Anne in San Diego, he held a faculty appointment jointly between the University of Montreal, Faculty of Pharmacy, and the Montreal Heart Institute’s Pharmacogenomics Center. He has previously served on the faculty of McGill University (Montreal) as a Tier I Canada Research Chair and at the Salk Institute (San Diego) as an Assistant Professor. Currently, Martin is a Professor at Proteogenomics Research Institute for Systems Medicine focusing on understanding the systems dynamics of disease processes through genomics, epigenomics, expression profiling and proteomics. Martin has also held senior management and executive positions at several biotechnology companies, including Illumina, Inc., a company focused on commercializing technologies to enable personalized medicine. Martin has made seminal contributions to the field of integrative proteomics and pharmacogenomics, using innovative mass spectrometry and array-based biomarker detection techniques. He has authored peer-reviewed publications in major scientific journals, edited several books, including one on systems biology, and published over 10 patents. His grant-funded work has been recognized by the 1998 Pew Scholar Award and the 1997 Basil O’Conner Starter Scholar award. Martin received his Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the University of Durham (UK), and performed postdoctoral studies at the University of California at Berkeley, where he was an American Cancer Society Fellow. In addition to his academic and administrative duties, he serves as consultant and board member to VC firms, pharmaceutical, and biotechnical companies. He is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Proteome Science and has served on numerous international discussion panels regarding biomarker discovery, diagnostics and personalized medicine.

Clare Livingston (Bud) Bromley III
Bud has a track record of entrepreneurial leadership spanning three decades. He is the President and COO at Psynomics, Inc., a company developing tests and software for diagnosis and drug response for psychiatric diseases. He is CEO of Phantom Acoustics, Inc., a young consumers electronics company. He was the senior business development, marketing and sales executive at four public corporations, each company a supplier of high technology for life sciences.  Prior to that, his 18 year career at Hewlett-Packard Company  included international management assignments in Mexico and Japan and worldwide responsibility for the International Olympic Committee, Bioscience Products, and Global Accounts.

Morton (Mort) Freedman
Mort, a native of Philadelphia, PA, entered his career in real estate as a broker in Chicago, IL, in 1996, from where he moved to Arizona in 1971 to start Nationwide Resources Corporation. While in Arizona, Mort volunteered his time among numerous community projects. Specifically, Mort was appointed to the United Way board for one year by the Mayor of Tucson, as well as to the Chamber of Commerce. Mort also served for ten years on board of the Jewish Federation, as well as the Chairman of the Combined Jewish Appeal, a fund raising arm for the Jewish Community. Mort served for 11 years on the board of the Steele Memorial Children's Research Center, initially as a founding member,followed by chairman of the advisory committee. During his tenure at the Steele, Mort has overseen the growth of a nascent research-focused organization to a well-funded and fully integrated research center for pediatric children disease. Mort has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Temple University, and has been a Del Mar resident since 2006.

David Geerdes
David ia an Attorney at Law and former Of Counsel for Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch and Management Attorney for Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich and Heller Ehrman, LLP, advising clients on all aspects of management organization, business strategies, employee matters, negotiations, litigation strategy and avoidance. David was appointed to serve on the Commission on Financing the Infrastructure by the Mayor of San Diego and the San Diego Commission on Government Efficiency and Restructuring appointed by the County Board of Supervisors. In addition to many other community activities, David was the Legal Advisor to Board of Trustees and Executive Committee for the Salk Institute, general counsel for the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau and Past President, Member of Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association.

Tony Hunter, Ph.D.
Tony is an American Cancer Society Research Professor, Director of the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory at the Salk Institute and Director of the Salk Institute Cancer Center. His current efforts are directed towards understanding mechanisms of signal transduction through protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation, ubiquitination and sumoylation and the roles these processes play in cell proliferation, growth control, the cell cycle and cancer, using a variety of experimental systems. Currently, he is on the editorial boards of several journals, including Cell, Molecular Cell, the EMBO Journal and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  He also serves on a number of scientific review and advisory committees, and has been an organizer of numerous scientific meetings.  He has received many awards, including a National Cancer Institute Outstanding Investigator Award, the Katharine Berkan Judd Award, the General Motors Cancer Research Foundation Mott Prize, a Gairdner Foundation International Award, the Biochemical Society Hopkins Medal, the Feodor Lynen Medal, the J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine, the Keio Medical Science Prize, the City of Medicine Award, the American Cancer Society Medal of Honor, the Landon-AACR Prize for Cancer Research, the Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research, the Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize, and the Wolf Prize in Medicine.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of London, an Associate Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a Member of the National Academy of Sciences, a Member of the Institute of Medicine, and a Member of the American Philosophical Society.

Janet Vohariwatt
Janet is CEO and founder of iChanneX Corporation. Prior to founding iChanneX, she served as VP Global Product Development at Inasoft, a start-up company, Vice President of SAIC, a $6B Technology Integration Company, Xerox Corporation, and Ford Aerospace Telecom Subsidiary-Starnet. Janet has led teams in developing innovative IT solutions for customers such as Kaiser Permanente, Saskatchewan Provincial Health, Department of Defense Health Services, and BellSouth Wireless among many others. Janet believes strongly in community services and globalization; she serves on the Sharp HealthCare Foundation Board of Directors and is a mentor for the UCSD Rady School of Management Mentor Program. In 2006, she received the San Diego Women Who Mean Business Award.

Geoffrey M. Wahl, Ph.D.
Geoff is a professor in the Gene Expression Laboratory, at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences in La Jolla, California and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biology of the University of California, San Diego. Geoff has also taken a strong interest in supporting cancer research outside of the laboratory, particularly in his active involvement with the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).  He has been serving on the AACR Board of Directors as well as their Program Committee for several Annual Meetings, and he was named Program Chairperson for their 95th Annual Meeting.  He was elected to and served as President of AACR for the 2007 Centennial year, and he continues to be very active in his role as Past President.  In the broader scientific community, he has served on numerous special science conference and committee posts and has been a member of the editorial boards of numerous journals.

Jeff Wolf
Jeff is the founder of Wolf Management Consultants and has built a valued practice that speaks to key problems confronting businesses today. Jeff is known as one of America’s most dynamic speakers, is considered one of the top executive coaches in the country and is a highly sought after management consultant. Jeff was a former CEO of one of the country’s largest healthcare receivables management companies and a former CEO of a prestigious polling and political opinion research corporation involved in strategic decisions for congressional, senatorial and presidential races. Jeff’s new book, Roadmap to Success, with management gurus Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey has just been released and his second book, The Essence of Effective Leadership, debuts soon.

John Wooley, Ph.D.
John is Associate Vice Chancellor of Research at the University of California at San Diego and a founding member of The Nicholas Conor Institute.  He is a leader in bringing computers and biology together. He created the first programs within the U.S. government for funding research in bioinformatics and computational biology. This effort included collaborating on the first stages of the genome project. In his position as Associate Vice Chancellor of Research at UCSD, his primary responsibilities as part of the campus academic leadership team are establishing priorities and undertaking new initiatives, and developing and implementing new research and training programs in science and engineering. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the university in pharmacology, chemistry and biochemistry, and a strategic advisor and Senior Fellow of the San Diego Supercomputer Center. For the new UCSD California Institute for Telecommunication and Information Technology, John directs the biology and biomedical applications component, termed Digitally-enabled Genomic Medicine, a step in delivering personalized medicine in a wireless clinical setting.

General Counsel to The Nicholas Conor Institute Board of Directors
Thomas E. Jurgensen, J.D.
Tom is the managing partner & CEO Catalyst Law Group
and has more than 20 years experience in biotechnology, biomedical and technology law and business.  He founded Catalyst Law Group to provide intellectual property, corporate, securities, transactional, litigation, tax and regulatory legal counsel to companies and not-for-profit institutions seeking collaborative, personalized service.  Tom is Counsel to or a Board Member for several for profit and not-for-profit organizations, including Allylix, Inc., The Nicholas Conor Institute and The California Center for Sustainable Energy.  Prior to Catalyst, Tom served as Vice President and General Counsel at the Salk Institute, General Counsel of Molecular Biosystems, Associate General Counsel for Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property Counsel for 3M Corporation and was an Associate with the firm of Merchant & Gould in Minneapolis.  With a unique ability to place scientific issues into a business context, Tom is often called on to provide guidance related to business development, transactional and corporate partnering matters in addition to legal strategy and implementation.  Tom obtained his J.D. from the University of Oregon, his M.S. from Iowa State University and B.S. in Biology and Chemistry, from the University of Wisconsin.

Secretary for The Nicholas Conor Institute Board of Directors
Kathy Jurgensen
Kathy has more than 30 years of business, operations, marketing and management experience.  Kathy helped found Catalyst Law Group as a firm that provides  personalized service with fair, predictable pricing and no surprises to corporations, not-for-profits and individuals.  Prior to Catalyst, Kathy had extensive sales, marketing and management experience in the fitness industry and with Allstate Insurance, the United States Chamber of Commerce and the Automobile Club of Southern California.   Kathy is a member of the Women’s Global Network and volunteers her time at various school and community events and organizations, as well as The Nicholas Conor Institute.  Kathy initially attended the University of Wisconsin and graduated from Iowa State University where she obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education.

     "Childhood cancer is a devastating disease with an unmet need to find effective  treatments targeted specifically for children.  I saw the opportunity to serve on the Board of The Nicholas Conor Institute as a great way to make a contribution to improving cancer therapy for children, using treatments based on the latest scientific understanding of the disease and customized to the individual patient based on genomic and proteomic information."
 - Tony Hunter PhD, Professor
Director of the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory
and Director of The Salk Institute Cancer Center

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