Curing Kids Cancer Through Collaboration



The mission and promise at the Global Genes (Children’s Rare Disease Network) is to improve, extend and save the lives of children living with a rare disease or disorder.  Global Genes will accomplish this by harnessing the power of the patients and the patient advocates, by building a comprehensive a comprehensive web community and collaborative platform that will empower these patients, their families and caregivers to make a difference in the lives of their child, their therapy and treatments.

Global Genes is honored to work with The Nicholas Conor Institute and its co-founder Dr. Beth Anne Baber, who serves as an advisor to our organization. Rare Disease is defined as affecting 1–200,000 individuals.  Cancer in children is also rare, affecting 13,000 in the United States annually.  It is our goal and the goal of The Nicholas Conor Institute to help create greater public awareness about the prevalence of rare disease and its impact on our children, family and friends.  The Nicholas Conor Institute is involved with the Children’s Rare Disease Network because they understand that coming together as one community will ultimately make our efforts much more affective – there is power in numbers.

   "Global Genes believes that the mission and goals of The Nicholas Conor Institute to develop safer treatments for children is critical, not only for the cancer community, but for the broader rare disease community as a whole.  Their innovative approach to treatment development will unquestionably become a new standard in care for all sick children."
                     -Nicole Boice,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Global Genes

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