for Pediatric Cancer Research
Building Better Therapies for Children 

      "There is an enormous amount of new medical technology being developed in the war against cancer, but minimal financial incentives to do so for cancer in children.  Other strategies are needed, like The Nicholas Conor Institute."           
                         -Richard Kadota MD, Former Director Blood/Bone Marrow Transplantation
                                                                                                   Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego

Our Strategy: TACTICTM (The Accelerator of Cancer Treatments in Children)

The Nicholas Conor Institute will identify and further develop any promising new discoveries and technologies that would greatly impact the treatment of cancer in children. Many potential life-saving discoveries often languish in obscurity, starved for lack of funding due to the small market that pediatric cancer occupies.

As a translational medical research organization, The Nicholas Conor Institute has adopted a hub-and-spoke distribution model. Each node is essentially incubator lab within our industry partner's domain. We are neither virtual nor a stand alone institute. Instead, The Nicholas Conor Institute is an academic institute without walls, pulling down the barriers between academic research and the biomedical industry.

Our strategy, TACTICTM, is a compilation of integrative partnerships between
The Nicholas Conor Institute and the biomedical industry in the following areas:

•    Genomics
•    Proteomics
•    Bioinformatics
•    Molecular Diagnostics
•    Companion Diagnostics
•    Drug Discovery
•    Immunotherapy
•    Vaccine Development.

TACTICTM provides our industry partners a means to significantly lower the research and development (R&D) cost associated with bringing valuable molecular diagnostic testing and innovative therapies to the clinic. Since the pediatric cancer market has been severely under served in the past, there is little competition for our industry partners. Reduced costs and speed also make a small market far more attractive for our partners, thereby fulfilling shareholders needs.

The advantages of TACTICTM are many:
•    Quick start-up with built-in capacity
•    Focused effort to quickly and efficiently translate key academic discoveries
•    Direct transfer of knowledge and expertise between industry and academia
•    Economies of scale
•    Sharing of infrastructure and capital equipment leads to lower indirect cost
•    Efficient use of research dollars for both funding organizations and donors alike
•    Appeals to research institutes that license their discoveries for commercialization
•    Allows for flexibility and is easily scalable
•    Aligns with our mission and differentiates Institute from all others.

Other specific advantages include: new funding sources via personalized medicine initiatives, Small business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants, Orphan Product Development (OPD) grants; intellectual property that bring tangible value and future revenue; and shared resources, which includes laboratory space, equipment, reagents, personnel, databases, and expertise.

Once The Nicholas Conor Institute has established fruitful partnerships in the biomedical industry demonstrating its ability to deliver valuable molecular diagnostics tools for childhood cancer, The Nicholas Conor Institute will expand TACTICTM to the areas of therapeutics and prevention.

By rapidly advancing the R&D process for childhood oncology products, The Nicholas Conor Institute will provide
  • donors a rapid return on their social investment compared to the traditional philanthropic model for medical research;
  • our biomedical industry partners an avenue to expand their innovative technology to new markets at a reduced cost;
  • physicians, hospitals and insurers the ability to bring forth positive patient outcomes while decreasing the burden of long-term side effects, resulting in an overall decrease in health care costs;
  • and most importantly, children with personalized, guided cancer treatments, a reduction in permanent side effects and a chance to become healthy adults.
"The Nicholas Conor Institute is combining a highly collaborative and integrated approach with a deep dedication and passion for their mission.  In doing so, they will better attract and utilize expertise and resources to focus on achieving their goal of advancing new diagnostics and treatments for pediatric cancers."
-Marilyn E. Ferrari, PhD, MBA., President, Cesira Inc.

       "This world is blessed with the scientists and physicians at The Nicholas Conor Institute who understand that cancer in children is different from cancer in adults and that cancer is not one disease but many diseases unique in many ways to the individual patient.  These dedicated scientists and physicians also know that, due to these differences, the drugs and therapies used in standard practice for adult cancer usually bear a heavy lifetime health burden and cost when used for cancer in children.  They bring their knowledge, skills and talents together at The Nicholas Conor Institute to save the lives and improve the prognosis of children living with cancer; The Nicholas Conor Institute is not an ivory tower academic research institute.  I am honored to be able to help them.”
-Bud Bromley, President and COO at Psynomics, Inc. &
Member of Board of Directors of The Nicholas Conor Institute

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