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Conor's Story

“On the morning of July 18, 2005, Conor, fifteen months old, woke up and just was not right from the get-go. I naturally assumed that he was in pain from several baby teeth that were erupting. Later that night, Conor developed a temperature and an unusual cough. After a disturbed night, we decided to take him to the pediatrician. Subsequently, after a chest X-ray, the radiologist identified a large mass in Conor’s chest.

Later that afternoon at Rady Children’s Hospital, the attending pediatrician took us into a private room. Nick, my husband, was holding Conor in his arms as she told us that it was very likely that the mass was a tumor, probably a neuroblastoma. Since both Nick and I work in the field of cancer biology, we knew it was the worst possible news.

Because the tumor biopsy did not have all of the defining characteristics of neuroblastoma, obtaining a consensus among the pathologists was not straightforward. After ten days, an agreement was reached that the tumor was to be classified as an unfavorable, high-risk neuroblastoma.

Since the tumor had surrounded vital organs in his chest, Conor was not a candidate for surgery and our only hope was chemotherapy. After the third round of chemotherapy, the tumor responded remarkably well and shrank by 40%, thereby opening the way to surgical intervention. Conor underwent surgery at Rady Children's Hospital to remove the tumor from his chest and spine. He continued the high-dose chemotherapy regimen for an additional four rounds of treatment. After completing his seventh round, Conor had his end of treatment evaluation. He was restaged as NED, meaning no evidence of disease.

February 2009 marked the three-year anniversary of when Conor ended his chemotherapy. Conor continues to have MRIs every three months and we continue to hope this medical miracle persists.”      
Beth Anne Baber,
Conor's Mom & Co-founder of The Nicholas Conor Institute

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      "The story of Conor and Beth has touched my heart... but most importantly, people can move the earth with passion and I believe that Beth has the passion to cure cancer for all of the children in the world."
-Janet Vohariwatt, Founder and CEO of iChanneX
Member of the Board of Directors of The Nicholas Conor Institute

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