Curing Kids Cancer Through Collaboration



Optimal Law Group is a full-service business and technology-focused law firm located in San Diego, California. At Optimal, we work with individual and corporate clients representing a wide variety of industries and institutions, including technology, life sciences, academia, not-for-profits, financial, media, entertainment, e-commerce, manufacturing, venture capital, information services, and retail and consumer issues, products and services. The Optimal Law Group attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property, corporate finance, not-for-profit and corporate law and governance, executive compensation, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory, technology transactions, real estate and debtor creditor law. With significant business and deal-making experience, our attorneys often play pivotal roles in our clients’ strategic planning, partnering and financing strategies.

Optimal Law Group has supported and worked with Beth Anne Baber and the Institute on a pro bono basis from conception to the present.  We provided the legal work and advice for the incorporation of the Institute and establishment of its not-for-profit status.  We continue to work with the The Nicholas Conor Institute Team on their legal, fundraising and business development efforts and look forward to continual support of the Institute as it grows into a vibrant institution focused on the benefits of personalized medicine for children.

"TNCI is fulfilling a critical need to make sure children, adolescents and young adults with cancer are considered first and not last in the development of critical new treatments.  I am proud and honored to be part of, and fully support, such a ground breaking and caring organization." - Tom Jurgensen, CEO of Optima Law Group

Praxeon feels that the right information at the right time is key to making the best health care and drug discovery research decisions. Through Praxeon's scientific and technical expertise, years of industry experience, and their Semantic Fingerprint™ technology, Praxeon unlocks the power of timely, relevant medical & pharmaceutical information. Praxeon’s customers range from consumer & healthcare providers to insurance companies to contract research organizations to pharmaceutical & biotech companies.

Praxeon's latest product, DocumentLens ( answers one of the most challenging problems scientists are faced with; collecting, integrating and understanding new information. Keeping up with peer-reviewed journals, regulatory sites, patents and proprietary sources, even in a single area of research, is time consuming. Failure to keep up with information from many different sources results in knowledge gaps and lost opportunities.   DocumentLens is both a productivity tool that allows quick and easy natural language query of a database as well as a collaborative environment facilitating the sharing of ideas and insights amongst researchers.

Praxeon is delighted to have The Nicholas Conor Institute as a member of H.A.P.I., Praxeon's Health Advocacy Platform Initiative that is a program created to make Praxeon's award winning healthcare search portal, MyDailyApple, available to not-for-profit health advocacy groups. It is our way of “giving back” and making a difference. By placing the H.A.P.I. version of MyDailyApple on their websites, health advocacy groups are able to provide this valuable service to their members.

iChanneX Corporation helps physicians using its breakthrough systems, SimpleEHR and the Outcome Exchange (OEX), to stay in touch with what other physicians have experienced in their diagnosis and treatments.  Through iDO®, iChanneX Digital Office provides Software Services technology, solutions that vastly improved quality of patient care, a significant reduction in the risks to patients and dramatically lower healthcare costs.

iChanneX is a proud sponsor of The Nicholas Conor Institute and provides support for The Nicholas Conor Institute web development, the web portal for biotechology research and access to iChanneX's patented, breakthrough technology systems to establish The Nicholas Conor Institute Pediatric Cancer Research Exchange.

NBBJ is committed to partnering with companies and organizations to create meaningful environments.  We design communities, buildings, products, environments and digital experiences that enhance people’s lives and transform business enterprises.  Our mission is to function as artists of change.  We believe that design solutions should be rooted in a fearless creativity that is collaboratively developed and intelligently realized.

Over the past six decades, NBBJ’s architectural practice has grown to include expertise in planning, urban design, interiors, graphics, lighting and interactive design. NBBJ continues to expand, diversify, define and explore worldwide with strong experience in healthcare, sports and entertainment, corporate and commercial, retail, transportation, advanced science and technology, and campus planning.

As a trusted advisor to The Nicholas Conor Institute since 2007, NBBJ has shared our depth of design and project management tools as well as expertise in the Healthcare and Science & Education Markets.  The world we live in is transformed by the heroic efforts of those with the powerful vision and the immense heart of wonderful persons like the Institute’s founders and committed Board Members.  We support The Nicholas Conor Institute for being an innovator in pediatric cancer research, and for the Institute’s tireless efforts to transform the nature of cancer research through personalized medicine for children.

  "It is a privilege to collaborate with great thinkers like Beth Anne Baber, who is combining a scientist’s intellect, a parent’s love, and her personal experiences towards ensuring that children and families affected by cancer can enjoy quicker recoveries, healthier and longer lives and reduced or no side-effects.  By having a vision for an Institute that erases the traditional lines between research and therapies, The Nicholas Conor Institute will create a forward-looking, collaborative environment that will attract the best and most passionate team players from around the world, radically expedite scientific progress through daily discourse, foster healing and well-being and, I believe, eradicate cancer in our lifetime."   
-Lilian Asperin Clyman, LEED AP Principal, NBBJ

Biotech Vendor Services (BVS) was founded in 2003 and provides cost saving and innovative vendor management services for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and academic research departments. BVS’ specialty is the management of top-tier biomedical suppliers, delivering hundreds of customized vendor product shows, technical seminars and workshops across the US each year at no cost to the on-site host client.

BVS is supporting The Nicholas Cancer Institute because children are still being given adult treatments and there has been a significant lack of progress on developing personalized treatment plans.  Instead, children are administered the same harsh treatments that were utilized more than 30 years ago.

Cesira, Inc. provides consulting services for research & development, business development and alliance management to the for-profit and not-for-profit life sciences sectors. Cesira, Inc is helping The Nicholas Conor Institute build and manage its partnerships.


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