Curing Kids Cancer Through Collaboration



Our Focus

Unlike academic research institutes that undertake basic biomedical research within a multiple disease focus environment, The Nicholas Conor Institute has been created to focus exclusively on defined populations (children, adolescents, and young adults) and the cancers impacting those populations.

Our Business Model

The Accelerator of Cancer Treatments in Children (TACTiC™)is the business model by which The Nicholas Conor Institute operates. The Institute manages a partnership of companies and a portfolio of translation initiatives. Each company partner possesses highly skilled scientific, clinical and business personnel, infrastructure, facilities and vital data.

Using TACTiC™, The Nicholas Conor Institute can
  • Deploy best in class organizations based on project need
  • Develop partnerships among research organizations, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies, and clinical institutions
  • Manage a portfolio of research and discovery projects
  • Manage a broad database of scientific results for use in broader collaborations in both the academic and commercial sectors
  • Develop licensing and acquisition agreements for commercialization of outbound product
How We Address The Need

The Nicholas Conor Institute is neither a foundation nor a stand-alone bricks-and-mortar research entity.
Instead, The Nicholas Conor Institute addresses the need by means of partnerships with several for-profit commercial laboratories that possess capabilities in concert with equivalent scientific talent to that of academic and clinical research organizations.

The Institute's partners are paid for their work and benefit from royalty stream payments from the sale and deployment of diagnostic tools and treatments within children’s oncology centers worldwide. This revenue motivation facilitates the sharing of research and discovery data among disparate laboratories.

Additionally, The Nicholas Conor Institute establishes alliances in advance with biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms based upon targeted diseases. These alliances encompass funding, licensing and “up-front” market making with managed care payers.

As the TACTiC™ portfolio manager, The Nicholas Conor Institute serves as the catalyst to commercialization in concert with the following partners.

  • Disease-focused foundations
  • Corporate foundations
  • General foundations with childhood, adolescent and young adult cancers as a targeted endeavor
  • Corporate Partnerships for Collaborative Development Financing, Licensing and Royalty-stream sharing
  • Clinical Research Organizations

    TACTiC™, An Innovative Business Model for Children, Adolescents & Young Adults with Cancer

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    "An enormous amount of new technology is being developed in the war against cancer, but minimal financial incentives to do so for cancer in children, adolescents and young adults. Other strategies are needed, like The Nicholas Conor Institute."           
     -Richard Kadota MD, Former Director Blood/Bone Marrow Transplantation at UCSD Rady Children’s Hospital

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